Monday, April 11, 2011

Field Trip

     I went to Memorial Library early this morning to find the book I was looking for.  My research paper is about inequality in the workplace over the years.  When I got to the library, I went up to floor 3M, and went into the North Stacks to look for my book.  When I got there, I was the only one there and many of the lights were off and there were a lot of weird creeking noises.  I was honestly a little freaked out.  I knew before that Memorial library is kind of creepy, and being here for the first time, I can confirm that.  I wasn't able to find my book but I found another one that was pertaining to my research paper subject. 
     The book's title is Sex and Business.  Surrounding this book were other books about management within the workplace and personal relations books.  Its call number is HF 5549.5 S45 H58 2000.  I was actually happy to have found the book I did instead of the one I had initially found.  The section I searched had many books that were pertaining to my topic. 

Hite, Shere.  Sex & Business.  Pearson Education Limited, 2000. 

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