Tuesday, April 5, 2011



1.) The video above is a commercial for Marlboro cigarettes, which features John Lennon and George Harrison from the famous band, The Beatles.  In the commercial, George Harrison is asking John Lennon for a cigarette.  Lennon pulls out a Marlboro and he and Harrison begin smoking together. 

2.) This commercial refers to the second basic appeal in the Need for Affiliation.  The Marlboro company is not just filming two random guys smoking their cigarette brand.  Their filming John Lennon and George Harrison who are both members of probably the most popular rock and roll group ever.  By having these two guys in the commercial, the viewer sees them and is thinking, "Hey John Lennon and George Harrison are awesome and I love the Beatles.  Oh They are smoking Marlboros.  I guess if they like smoking Marlboros, then I should definitely get myself a pack of Marlboros and smoke them!"  Their is a need for affiliation after seeing "cool" people smoking Marlboros. 

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